Course Leader/Co-Leader/Lecturer:

At Warwick:

Autumn term 2020: Normative Analysis (MA introductory course in moral, legal and political philosophy)

Both terms 2020-1: Introduction to Politics, Philosophy and Law (1st-year, politics segment)

Spring term 2021: Political Theory from Hobbes (2nd-year, second half, 19th-century onwards, including JS Mill, Harriet Taylor Mill, liberalism and colonialism, Marx, Du Bois, Martin Luther King)

At Chicago:

2019-20 (with Martha Nussbaum): Law and Philosophy Workshop: Immigration and Citizenship (graduate workshop/seminar with invited speakers)


Autumn term 2018: Equality (3rd-year) (on glory, amour propre, moral and social equality) 


Spring term 2019: Why Democracy? (2nd-year course in European Social and Political Studies)

Undergraduate and MA dissertation supervision

At UCL: One MA and 7 undergraduate students on topics including the killing of non-combatants in war, democratic legitimacy, the ethics of markets, saving the greater number ...

Teaching assistant at UCL:

Autumn term 2014: Marxism (2nd-year)

Spring term 2015: Tutorial: texts and debate (small group tutorials where topic is set by the tutor: Political Freedom) (1st-year) (see my syllabus here)

Spring term 2016, 2018 and 2019: Introduction to Moral Philosophy (1st-year)

Spring term 2016: Introduction to European History, Law, Politics and Philosophy (1st year) (TA for the philosophy section of the module), in European, Social and Political Studies department


Autumn term 2016 and 2017: Introduction to Political Philosophy (1st-year)


Spring term 2018: Equality (3rd-year) (on Tommie Shelby’s Dark Ghettos: Injustice, Dissent and Reform)

Autumn term 2018: Applied Ethics

Autumn term 2018: Equality (3rd year) (on glory, amour propre, and social equality)

Sprint term 2019: Applied Moral and Political Philosophy (an experimental module in which students worked in groups to produce a public policy report on a topic of their choice)

Teaching assistant at King’s College London:


Spring term 2018: Topics in Political Philosophy (on the ethics of migration) (3rd-year)

Tutor and seminar leader at Exeter College Summer Programme, Oxford

Summer 2018: seminars and tutorials for an intensive course on Contemporary Political Philosophy for international undergraduates

More information about teaching philosophy, sample syllabi and evidence of teaching ability available on request.

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